AVK Solar Flat Plate Water
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Solar Flat Plate Water Heaters

Save on your electric bills

Solar Flat Plate Water Heaters

Getting your hot water from solar power is a decision you are not likely to regret as most homes spend a good amount of electricity in heating water in the colder winter months. Why not take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy and install Solar Flat Plate Water Heaters. AVK Solar Flat plate water heaters are suitable for climates that are warm and sunny. They provide an affordable alternative as they can help reduce electricity bills that tend to rise in the winter months as energy needs increase because of heating water for home use.

How Solar Flat Plate Water Heater works

AVK Solar Flate Plate Water Heaters

AVK Solar Flat Plate Water Heating system consists of toughened glass, frame, the absorber plate which is a thin sheet of aluminum that absorbs sunlight efficiently, insulation at the back and sides, back sheet to seal the panels, flat plate collectors made of copper tubes that carry water, which are welded to the absorber plate in parallel lines and have inlet and outlet manifolds. They are also called riser tubes. The absorber plate absorbs solar radiation and transfers the heat to the flowing water inside the copper tubes.

Flat tube collectors contain about 150 liters of water which is more than sufficient for one family. You need just a couple of flat plates to heat all the water you will require in a day. What is important is that this will reduce the electricity you need to heat this much water by almost 40% to 50%. A lot of electricity used in the cold months is to heat water for domestic use. Installing a solar flat plate water heater can reduce the cost of heating water to a minimum. The system is simple to install and to maintain. There are a number of Solar Flat Plate Water Heater designs and so you can select one that suits your residential requirements and location of your house. Solar flat plate heaters are more suitable for the warmer climates as this allows them to use the outside temperatures also to produce hot water faster.

Reduce Electricity Bills!

AVK solutions can provide you the best in Solar Flat Plate Water Heaters which can reduce your monthly electricity bills. By using the sun’s energy to preheat the water you can save on bills and electricity use. If you also install the solar tank then you can increase the capacity of hot water available. You can use as much water as you like without worrying about the bills since the sun’s energy is totally free.

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