Solar Home Lighting System
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Solar Home Lighting System

Harness The Power Of Sunlight

Solar Home Lightning System

AVK Solutions has been providing energy efficient products for the past three years. We supply a number of solar products for residential purposes. We believe in providing the right solution for generating electricity from the sun and saving the environment. Besides saving the environment it is useful to have Solar Home Lighting System so that you are never without lighting for your daily use or even at your most important moments.

Solar Home Lightning System

Solar Home Lighting Systems are fixed design installations that are used in homes. The entire system is composed of a number of parts like solar cells, charge controller, solar battery and also the lighting system which includes lights and depending on the system may include fans also. While the Solar Panels are fixed on the roof, the solar battery and also the charge controller are kept safe inside the house, in a protected area. The charge control ensures that you always have light as it controls overcharging as well as discharging of stored power in the battery. Since the charge controller is equipped with LED lights it is easy to see when the battery is on charge and when there is load cut off. It will also let you know if the battery is low.


The home solar lighting system is an economically viable alternative to electricity as the sun’s power is free and can be saved and used. There are no running costs and you could enjoy as much as 30% on your electricity bills depending on which grid system you are using on the inverter. You also save the environment, as just a 1KWP system can reduce carbon emissions by as much as half a tonne. You cannot get a cleaner system than the non-polluting home lighting system.

No Power Cuts!

In India there are power cuts all the time and it makes life a lot more comfortable if you have installed your own home lighting system. The sun never fails so you will always have illumination, thus avoiding power cuts. You can simply install the Home Solar Lighting System and relax for the system requires no maintenance and just runs on its own once installed. The system is made of moveable parts and so there are no breakages and it really lasts a long time.


AVK Solutions supplies a number of solar lighting solutions and some home lighting systems are equipped with compact fluorescent lamps (Leds). Leds can operate for a number of hours. The Leds are bright and can easily provide enough light for a big room. There can be no better solution for your home lighting needs especially in areas that have frequent power failures. There are no hidden costs and the price we charge is for the complete installation including all components, batteries, cables and Leds lights.


AVK Solutions is here to provide you a solar home lighting system that can ensure that you always have lights for studying, cooking and for normal household work. In one hour the sun provides more energy than the entire world uses in one year. Harnessing that energy with photovoltaic can easily convert the energy into electric power for use in the home. AVK Solutions is just a call away and we will be glad to provide you the solution for your home lighting needs.

Let’s light up your lives