Solar inverters
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Solar Inverters

Bring the power of sunlight indoors

Solar Inverter

Since there are so many power cuts in India it is natural to look for alternative forms of energy. AVK Solutions can deliver solar energy options that can meet the various energy needs of homeowners. One alternative is a home inverter or UPS. However, with electricity being so expensive a home inverter could not be as economical as a Solar Inverter. A solar inverter is connected to the Solar panels and the grid gets the AC power from the solar inverter to supply the electricity needs. If your needs are more and you wish to run a number of appliances, besides lights and fans then you should go for a solar plant that has a solar inverter.

Solar Inverter Features

Solar inverters have a number of features that are quite different from those of normal inverters. They are highly energy efficient so as to enable them to tap the maximum energy from the solar panels during the daylight hours. Those solar inverters are preferred where the power circuits cut off the main supply once the battery is fully charged. In this way there is no wastage of energy and the inverter is always ready to supply energy needs for appliances. Most solar inverters are efficient as the technology is continuously being improved.


Solar inverters are the nodal of the solar power plant. Therefore to get the maximum energy output possible it is advisable to get a solar inverter that has Sine wave. The best solar inverters are equipped with energy meters that let you know your energy usage from solar panels or the mains. Some even log your daily or monthly usage within the home. This helps you to decide what appliances to use and which to avoid so you always have power till the inverter is charged again the next day. Solar inverter equipped with control panel is also a plus as you can programme the panel to use the energy effectively when required.

Solar Inverters are Efficient

Solar inverters can be connected to the grid or they can be part of a standalone solar power system. If you install a grid connecting system then the size of the solar panels will not matter. If your usage is more, the extra electricity can come from the grid and if the system generates more power than you use, it goes back into the grid and you get rebates in your electricity bills. However, there are also standalone photovoltaic systems that can be installed and which turn out to be economical. This is the system that works better in India as most often there is no electricity supply. So a standalone gives you the kind of backup on batteries that you can use as per requirement. Standalone solar inverters are efficient and reliable and the multiple information display panel is user-friendly and allows you to use the panel efficiently. The off grid system will require sizing of the panels according to your needs.


AVK Solutions provides solar inverters that have been made using the latest technologies and are reliable and durable. We supply solar inverters of high quality that are made from the best raw materials.

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