Solar Street lights
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Solar Street Lights

Harness The Power Of Sunlight

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights provide illumination in places where there is no lighting because electricity is unavailable or because supply is erratic. Even if electricity is available solar street lights help to conserve electric power. These innovative lights contribute to a cleaner and greener environment and also fulfil your lighting needs. In fact, all over the world, solar lights are being seen as a viable solution to street lighting needs.

Switching to Solar makes Sense

In India there is so much sunshine that powering streetlights with solar energy makes a lot of sense. This will also help to conserve the natural resources as these lights can reduce the need for more electricity. Solar energy can reach the most remote corners of India and bring lights to areas that have never seen lights at night. Solar street lights have VTech and this is seen as a good way to provide street lights anywhere and everywhere and throughout the year.

The basic equipment required for a stand-alone solar street light system is a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL bulbs. Using an LED bulb along with solar power requires less energy and the combination is good for the environment as well. It is also easy to customise the wattage required as well as the brightness and can be designed to operate between dusk to dawn. During the day the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the re-chargeable battery and at night the light turns on automatically. Solar lights may not burn for a longer number of hours if it has been cloudy or rainy. However, no matter what the weather once installed properly the lights will give you years of trouble free service after they have been programmed to switch on and off as needed.

Solar Lights- Viable Option

Solar lights can work independently to collect and store electricity and light up. Neither do they require transmission lines, cables and meters nor power stations. Moreover solar lights provide immediate lighting and so, you more than make up for the initial cost. In fact they are now being used as a clean and viable option to light up parks, highways, car parks, airports, ports and boundary walls.

Since AVK Solutions provides solar outdoor lighting contact us if you wish to purchase and install Solar street lights. We can deliver a system that will provide you the maximum benefits without being too costly. However, before getting the solar street lights installed make sure to assess your lighting needs according to location and budget.

Interested in going solar