Solar tube water heaters
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AVK Solar Tube Water Heaters

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AVK Solar Tube Water Heaters

Solar Tube Water Heaters are also called Evacuated tube collectors. The word evacuated is used because the tubes are constructed like a thermos. They contain an inner glass tube that is fitted inside an outer glass tube. There is a vacuum between the two glass tubes which makes the tubes very good hot water collectors. The inner tube is made from glass or metal and it contains the water or heat transfer fluid. This is surrounded by a larger glass tube and the vacuum between the two prevents the heat from escaping from inside the inner tube.

How Solar Tube Water Heaters Work

AVK Solar Tube Water Heaters

AVK Solar Tube Water Heaters work on a simple premise. When the sun’s rays fall on the solar water heater collector the solar radiation heats up water that is inside the glass tubes as the glass provides good heat transmission. The heated water rises in all the tubes and reaches the storage tank. At the same time the colder water in the tank descends into the tubes from the tank. This cycle continues and does not require a pump as the thermo-siphon effect continues to push heated water into the tank. Since the tank is insulated the water remains hot.

Evacuated tube solar water heaters are the most efficient water collectors and they are therefore slightly more expensive to install. However, the advantages they have over other kinds of water heaters make them a good choice. Firstly they require very little space. The tubes are able to generate heat very quickly as they are cylindrical and the sun rays falls on them at 90º throughout the day so heat loss is as good as nil during daytime. Some might consider it a drawback that the glass cylinders can break but then they are easily and cheaply replaceable. The collectors do not require any other maintenance and last for more than 15 years as they do not have any corrosion problems.

Efficient in Cold Climatic Conditions

If you live in a cold climate then the solar tube water heaters are what you could find very convenient. These water heaters work even when the climate is cool or extremely cold and even when there are clouds. The near complete vacuum inside the closed glass tube is stable for longer periods of time than in other water heater systems. They also do not require any front and back support as the glass tubes can resist pressure.

At AVK Solutions our aim is to provide you the best solar water heater according to your needs. We will evaluate and advise you on the kind of water heater that is suitable for your residence. AVK solar water heaters function well as there has been a rapid development in all makes of solar water heaters and we continue to improve.

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