Solar tubular batteries
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Solar Tubular Batteries

Optimized Performance

Solar Tubular Batteries – Optimized Performance

A Solar Tubular Battery has one objective and that is to store energy from the sun and to distribute active materials across the electrode plates. This results in a good supply of power from the stored batteries. The solar system is installed in the open and the batteries are exposed to high temperatures. Since tubular batteries have a rugged design they are made for durability and are capable of enduring high temperatures. Normal batteries can fail due to corrosion or because of plate shedding but the AVK Solar tubular batteries perform in a reliable way no matter what the temperature.

Suitable for High-end Gadgets

AVK Solar tubular batteries are made in a way that their stored power can utilised even if you are using sensitive and high end gadgets. AVK Solar tubular batteries are designed for long backup that is required for photovoltaic and other renewable energy. These batteries have a compact design which makes them energy efficient and are the choice of people especially when deep cycles are required. Since they are available in various capacities you can select a AVK solar tubular battery that meets your needs. They have the capacity to supply power uninterruptedly and so they are the right choice for most people who have installed photovoltaic systems.

Low on Maintenance

If you live in a remote location you would like to have a battery that requires very little maintenance. Solar tubular batteries have no erosion and also there is no leakage of acid gas which is good for the environment. There is almost no water evaporation in these batteries so there is no need for frequent water topping. In extreme temperatures normal acid batteries may not perform as well and if you are in a remote location then frequent water topping becomes very costly. Therefore a solar tubular battery can meet all the rigours of usage and is just the right choice for outdoor solar installations.

AVK Solar tubular batteries have the capacity for quick charge but self – discharge is low. The battery has good restraint level which prevents it from overcharging or undercharging. This is also the reason why AVK Solar tubular batteries have a long life span that can last up to five years. They are used for collecting and storing electricity from solar panels in residences for home lighting, outdoor lighting and for use for all appliances in the home.

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